The Med Pt. I

cats collage

Cats in residence at Valencia botanical gardens




Our hosts’ small, angry tortoise ‘Torty’ having his morning hibiscus flower



Sierra de Irta national park, just a short ride south of Peñíscola (!)




One of many abandoned hotels and long forgotten holiday resorts in varying states of completion, that litter the dusty Mediterranean coast. Deserted olive groves and farm buildings make for good but slightly spooky camping.


We took a detour through the Delta de l’Ebre, an expansive wetland famed for birdlife and rice growing. Flamingo!


Templar castle overlooking Miravet, Catalonia.


An old ‘chain ferry’, one of the few still using the flow of the river to drive it across. After we crossed a giant 4×4 managed to squeeze on deck, with a lot of clunking…


We stumbled across a strange agricultural show, just in time as Zak was beginning to feel the strain of missing Frome Cheese Show


One of our happiest moments on the road is when we find a Lidl and indulge in a Floopy Bombo.

pomegranate chase

The eternal struggle for roadside pomegranates.


A chemical factory near Vila Seca, Catalonia. As you can see, they are building several prototypes of the Death Star.


One night we woke to a scrabbling noise around our panniers. Fearing bears or wayward Spanish youths, we shone the light outside, only to find a one-eyed fox confidently watching us from the bushes. We brought the cheese inside, but this didn’t stop him sniffing round our heads at 2am, and grumpily growling when we wouldn’t let him in.

Safety first

2 thoughts on “The Med Pt. I

  1. Hey! We remain totally gobsmacked by your stamina and adventures. Brilliant pictures as well. Keep posting us. Where will you be for Christmas, we wonder?>Needless to say, all well if somewhat dull! in West and East Sussex. Only Tim in Canada can match you with his adventures in Montana/Utah etc. – and only just!!!!
    Stay well and safe. x Jude and Geoff in Climping.


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