Burkina pt. 2 and into Ghana!

After 7 months of cycling, some 9000km or so traversing mountains, desert and mangrove in nine countries, we have now arrived in Ghana! We are having a great time and enjoying being able to speak to people in English instead of broken French. A small reminder that we are trying to raise £600 to build a compost toilet in the Volta Region, our final destination on the trip, donations page here and further info on our Donate for Toilets page. A big thank you to everyone who has donated so far!

Here are some of our adventures from Burkina and into Ghana!


We reached the south-western town of Banfora, where you can enjoy a calabash of ‘chapalo’, millet beer homebrewed by women, under the mango trees.


Right along from the chapalo is the palm wine lady, so we stocked up for later…


After a few days in Banfora we headed north to laid-back Bobo Dioulasso (‘home of the Bobo and the Dioula’). The only cathedral we’ve visited with a tin roof.


We visited the museum and saw some cool masks. This one is shaped like a fish!


and a life size model of a Bobo house you can clamber around on! Grains are dried on the rood, and wandering goats kept at bay by branch ladders.


The ‘Museum of Music of Yesterday and Today’ where Alice got to play a one string fiddle…


Rotisserie chickens are big in Bobo, as are ‘chicken-in-a-bag’s cooked over an open fire. The Burkinabe call rotisseries ‘poulet televise’, as apparently watching them rotate is like TV!


Moving on to Ouagadougou, we spent a relaxing few days with a warmshowers host (thank you Wies!) and her gaggle of very friendly chickens…


Little friendly chickens!


Ouaga’s big public park has its very own population of crocodiles, who can be spotted nosing around the lilypads. Most of them were relatively wee ones like this guy.


But then, just as we were leaving to escape the midday sun we spotted this…




Continuing on from Ouaga we headed south to the Ghanaian border, stopping off in Tiebele, historical seat of the Kassena royalty, where people traditionally decorate their houses in cool geometric patterns!


Houses have their own chicken holes for the hens to hide in


Grandparents and grandchildren live in figure of 8 shaped houses, young bachelors in round ones, and newlywed couples in rectangular ones.







We have reached GHANA! Here we are cycling along one of the many dams.


The standard of driving here seems pretty dreadful. A passing motorbike crashed into Zak's back pannier, ripping it off the bike. Luckily everyone was okay, and we attached it back on with cable ties.

The standard of driving here seems pretty dreadful. A passing motorbike crashed into Zak’s back pannier, ripping it off the bike. Luckily everyone was okay, and we’ve attached it back onto the rack with cable ties.

3 thoughts on “Burkina pt. 2 and into Ghana!

  1. You made it! What an amazing journey and what adventures. ‘Uncle’ Tim in Canada is full of envy!!!!! Love the painted houses – so beautiful. Congratulations from Climping xxxxxx jude and Geoff


  2. Amazing journey here it is ! I want to do this !! (Bastien) Prune is a little afraid by the weather (too hot?) It’s most tropical isn’t it ? Anyway enjoy the life ! We are living for 3 months by little truck to the Greece, Hungary… East Europe.

    Prune and Bastien



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