The End of the Road

And so after nine months of cycling we reached the final destination of our 10,000 km journey, receiving an unexpectedly lovely welcome from our good friend Dougal and a carload of drummers!

So, happily settled in at Meet Me There, we spent a busy month working on a new organic veg and fruit garden. This is designed to showcase the amazing productivity possible when using compost toilet ‘humanure’ to grow food (which is totally safe don’t worry!), and will hopefully one day provide fresh ingredients for the lodge’s kitchen and bar. Big thanks to Atsu and Gershon for sharing their knowledge of farming in the tropics!


Watermelon seedlings, straight from breakfast fruit!


(Re)building the HMS Herbs from a broken canoe…


Tropical Hugelkultur – using layers of sand, dead wood (in this case palm fronds and old coconut husks) along with compost and black soil (‘biochar’) to make nutrient-rich and moisture retaining raised beds.


Planting some seedlings.





Apparently if you plant the top bit of a Pineapple, it grows another Pineapple!


And last but not least, brightening up a wall with a new mural, Meet Me There has lots of new neighbours…



One last time a huge thank you to Dougs and the wonderful staff of Meet Me There!

Don’t forget we are still raising money to build a new compost toilet, we are not far from our target but could still do with a few more pennies – visit our Donations page for more info.

We are taking a rest from the cycling, but will be back one day with more adventures…


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