Bird List

Travelling at a slow pace means we see lots of great wildlife on our travels. Below is a list of the birds we have been able to identify…


  • Dunlin (France)
  • European kingfisher (France, Spain)
  • Curlew (France)
  • Kestrel (France, Spain)
  • Mediterranean gull (France)
  • Jay (France)
  • Plover (France)
  • Lammergeir (France)
  • Tawny owl (France)
  • Glossy ibis (Spain)
  • Cattle egret (Spain)
  • Little egret (Spain)
  • Lapwing (Ebro Delta, Spain)
  • Cormorant (France, Spain)
  • Flamingo (Ebro Delta, Spain)
  • Marsh harriers (Ebro Delta, Spain)
  • Crested lark (Spain)
  • Griffon vultures (Spain)
  • Green woodpecker (Spain)
  • Hoopoe (Spain)
  • Osprey (Spain)


As we cycle through tropical Africa it gets more difficult!

  • Crested lark (Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal)
  • Thekla lark (Morocco, Mauritania)
  • Temmnick’s horned lark (Morocco)
  • Black-winged kite (Morocco)
  • Grey shrike (Morocco)
  • Cattle egret (Morocco)
  • Little egret (Morocco)
  • Great egret (Mauritania)
  • White stork (Morocco)
  • Tawny owl (Morocco)
  • Little owl (Morocco)
  • White-crowned wheatear (Morocco)
  • Maghreb wheatear (Morocco)
  • Glossy Ibis (Mauritania)
  • Spoonbill (Mauritania)
  • Black stork (Mauritania)
  • White pelican (Mauritania, Senegal)
  • Grey pelican (Senegal)
  • Flamingo (Mauritania)
  • Avocet (Mauritania)
  • Plover (Mauritania)
  • Oystercatcher (Mauritania)
  • Marsh harrier (Mauritania)
  • Cuckoo (Mauritania)
  • Long tailed cormorant (Mauritania) (Gambia)
  • Hoopoe (Mauritania)
  • Black kite (Senegal)
  • Rose finch (Mauritania)
  • Glossy starlings. Bronze tailed (Mauritania, Senegal). Long tailed (Senegal, Gambia). Probably others
  • Great-white heron (Mauritania)
  • Osprey (Morocco, Senegal)
  • Yellow-crowned gonolek (Mauritania)
  • Pied kingfisher (Senegal, Gambia)
  • European roller (Senegal)
  • Abyssinian roller (Gambia, Senegal)
  • Blue bellied roller (Gambia, Senegal)
  • Senegal coucal (Senegal, Mali)
  • Black egret (The umbrella bird!) (Gambia)
  • Purple heron (Gambia)
  • Striated heron (Gambia)
  • Hooded vulture (Senegal, Gambia)
  • Scarlet chested sunbird (Gambia)
  • White-faced whistling duck (Gambia)
  • Grey headed gull (Gambia)
  • Whimbrel (Gambia)
  • Senegal thick knee (Senegal, Gambia)
  • Senegal parrot (Senegal, Mali)
  • Red billed hornbill (Senegal, Mali)
  • White crowned robin chat (Senegal)
  • African grey hornbill (Senegal, Mali)
  • Bearded barbet (Senegal)
  • White backed vulture (Senegal)
  • African harrier hawk (Senegal)
  • Rose-ringed parakeet (Mali)

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